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Agreement of List URL


M/S BPO Projects Service India, a Company corporate under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 and having its registered office at RMZ Millenia Business Park, No-143, M.G.R Road, Phase 2, Level-6, Kandancavadi, Perungudi, Chennai - 600096, India and its principal place of business at Level-1, Kale Donia Building, Sahar Road, Sambhaji Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai-500 032 INDIA.. (Here in after called as 1st party)

M/S. N. DINESH, (Here in after called as 2nd party)

1. The 2nd party accepts that the 1st party agreed to provide the online url copy paste work to the 2nd party on an interim arrangement of Project No 01 individual work ID will be executed by him on 20/01/2015, which has to be started on 20/01/2015. The billing the 1st party subject to conditions set out and agreed between either parties.

2. The 2nd party accepts that the 1st party agrees to provide Work from time to time regularly to the 2nd party if the 2nd party completes the Work on satisfactory of the first party.

The 2nd party accepts the accuracy and payments very clearly. In 2nd party working panel for activated records only 2nd party eligible for payment if he achieve above three thousand rupees and above.

Administrative Charges will be deducted from the Payment.( +18.7% Administrative and Handling charges) The 2nd party accepts the terms and conditions provided by the first party. The second party will not claim anything if the first party takes action according to the terms and conditions.

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